Litvin Natasa

Registered sole proprietorship


Production of ornamental and decorative arts and crafts from base metals, wire, plaster, concrete, wood, horn, plastic, leather, textile materials, straw, paper and glass elements, vegetables and fruit as well as by threading precious stones, silver, glass and plastic - and felt elements and the painting and decorating of wood, ceramics, porcelain, silk, textiles, billets and wax goods


Tax number: 08 551/4131

UID-Nr: ATU78511745

GISA-Code: 35233039

Magistrate of the City of Vienna

Headquarters: 1120 Vienna

Meidlinger Hauptstraße 5. 1/19. | Austria

Tel: +36 30 450 8776


Member of the Austrian Economic Chamber

Professional law:

Trade regulations:

District Authority Magistrate of the City of Vienna, Municipal District Office for the 12th District


Master craftsman, master craftsman exam passed in Hungary


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You can also send any complaints to the email address given above.