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Artistic contemporary pieces of
Natasa Litvin with traditional and modern spirit. 

Visionary, artist, intuitive nature, charismatic power, passion driven, full of vivid imagination and ideas. Driving force is the expression of self-identity and value creation, all without compromising on different materials.

Welcome to the realm of my jewelry and objects!

Hello, I'm Natasa Litvin 🩷


For me, jewelry is the best and most beautiful form of self-expression.

Jewelry is a communication tool and channel, it creates a process between me, the wearer of the jewelry, and the outside world.

That's why I mostly like to make personal objects that convey feelings and messages and create space for connections without words.


I am a jewelry artist, goldsmith and gemologist.

Since 2015, I have had many international and domestic exhibitions.

I am a member of several art associations. I am currently working in Vienna :)


Get to know the liberating feeling of creation! I look forward to seeing you at my workshops and unique jewelry consultations!

Contemporary Art