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Artistic contemporary pieces of
Natasa Litvin with traditional and modern spirit. 

Visionary, artist, intuitive nature, charismatic power, passion driven, full of vivid imagination and ideas. Driving force is the expression of self-identity and value creation, all without compromising on different materials.


2022 – 2023   V-Pearl Consulting Educational and Commercial LLC , certified Gemologist

2019 – 2020   Budapest Complex Vocational High School, Jewellery Artist, Goldsmith

2017 – 2019   Budapest Complex Vocational High School, Metal, Silber - and Goldsmith

2012 – 2013   Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design, Budapest

2001 – 2006   Eötvös Loránd University -  Msc, Budapest


Exhibitions - Selections:

2023, Lettering - an exhibition of the letter, book and publication designers of the FISE,  Budapest

2022, Budapest 150Years Book Capital byFISE, Budapest

2022, FISE 40th Anniversary, B32 Gallery and Cultural Space, Budapest

2022, Romanian Jewelry Week (ROJW), Bucharest

2020, Budapest Jewellery Week CIRCLE Exhibition, Budapest MONO Art&Design

2020, Nemesfény Exhibition – Deák 17 Art Gallery

In 2019, I Founded The NATASALITVIN Jewellery Brand

2019, New York Palace (Boscolo Hotel) Private Exhibition, Budapest

2019, Corvinus Fashion Show, Budapest

2018 „Fashion Issue” Charity Event And A Bid – Société House, Budapest

2018, MFW „Meet The Designers” Conteporary Designers Exhibition – Loft Im Tal Galerie, Munich 

2018, Marie Claire Fashion Show – Millenáris, Budapest

2018, Corvinus Fashion Show (2nd Place), Budapest

2018, Budapest Design Week

2017, „ReThink Hungary” Exhibition – Black Swan Studio, London

2017, Budapest Design Week

2017, Contemporary Designers Exhibition – Liszt Center, Sopron 2017

2017, Corvinus Fashion Show (1st Place), Budapest

2017, Barabás Cottage Exhibition, Budapest

2017, LFW „Fashions Finest” Exhibition – De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London

2016, Eleven Tavasz Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition – Gellért Hotel, Budapest

2016, Barabás Cottage Exhibition, Budapest

2015, RFW International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Centro Russo Di Scienza E Cultura A Roma, Rome

2015, Jaguar Salon Private Exhibition, Budapest

2015, WAMP Participant Since 2015 (2017 November – Designer Of The Month)
In 2015 We Founded The Naan Design Brand by Natasa Litvin



2022, FISE - Studio of Young Designers Association, Budapest

Works In Private Collections:

Jewellery Collections Of S. I. Private Collector – Samsara Pendant 1/1 Unique Piece

Group Publication:

2022, FISE 40th Anniversary, B32 Budapest

2018, „Moments Of Freedom” – Led By Hans Stofer, Kredenc Studio, Budapest

Contemporary Art