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An exhibition by

Natasa Litvin & Agnes Reka Toth

The title of the exhibition is "Layers". Its specialty is that it is matrix-like both vertically and horizontally, i.e. the exhibition within the exhibition, based on layers of each other, creates processes and fabric.

The objects, photos, and themes of the exhibition can be "consumed" separately as an independent exhibition, but together they form a unity.


The essence of the exhibition is the complexity of the three themes of Soul, Body, Spirit, such as "Soul Bubble", "Body Tissues" and "Spirit Gateway".


It conveys emotional patterns, impressions, impressions brought and acquired in narrative jewelry and photos.

Natasa Litvin

Natasa Litvin is a jewelry artist, she investigates from social science points of view and thinks in terms of systems.


She creates her subjects on the subject of relationships and connections, along marginal boundaries and complex associations.


For her, the driving force is the expression of self-identity and value creation, all without having to compromise on different materials.


Agnes Reka Toth

Agnes Reka Toth focuses on continuous experimentation, on feelings, movements and perspectives.


In her photos, she uses the tool of manipulation, which creates new perspectives and impressions.


In her style, she follows the ambitious, minimalist stance, and composes her compositions consciously. Agnes wants to present impressive and emotional visions to her audience.

Soul Bubbles

Body Tissues

Spirit Gateway