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Handcrafted, zero waste, in the spirit of sustainability.

Orchid jewelry from the Plume family symbolizes self-confident self-love that comes from deep within. Orchid petals are a striking phenomenon with their sensual and characterful shapes, they attract attention. The ORCHID woman takes pride in her appearance and encourages others to do the same.


Story: The first Plume Orchid earrings debuted in the 2017 SS Éclat campaign. Back then they were a bit bigger and only single pieces, only available in 3 colors. Since then, you can choose from at least 15 colors. A true rebel glow...will you take it? :)

- Material: stainless steel and leather (zero waste production).


- It is possible to buy a single piece or a pair.

- When ordering, please indicate in which packaging you would like to receive it: a recycled paper box or a gift box.



Sales Tax Included
  • Each piece is made by hand, based on sustainability principles.

    100%  high quality italian leather

    Metal material: Stainless steel

  • With ear hook: kb. 9 *7 cm

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